Girls Beware!

changing room pics Because, you never know who is watching you.. It might be me!

Nobody knows why so many people enjoy sneaking a peek, peeping through windows looking through binaculars to stare at hot chicks in various settings.. is it really a perversion? hmmm.. Who gives a fuck, there's too many girls out there to be concerned with that!

This website is going to bring you the best of the best in voyeur related pics and videos.. it won't be the garbage that is just plucked from the interweb and pushed up to a site.. nah, this site is for people like you and myself, people that can really say I Like Peeping!.

Girls Are My Targets!

I am an amateur voyeur hunter on the prowl, and I look for un-suspecting girls all over the World!

I carry my high-powered telephoto lense cameras and an inexpensive digital camera, with the goal of capturing single women, couples or groups doing things they naturally do, without being caught peeping like a Tom.

When done with my peeping, I sumbit my treasures to special websites like Beach Hunters or Changing Room Hunters so you may enjoy them...

Candid Video and Voyeur Pics

Hot girls from around the world are watched secretly, everything caught on video or digital cam, doing what they usually do.. changing clothes in the locker room of gyms, taking showers alone or with their girlfriends or just laying on beach. This is pure eroticism at it's best, as it should be.. Natural!

If you enjoy voyeur pics, peeping tom action, then you may enjoy downloading full length peeping videos" anytime you want! This website will be packed with hi-quality footage from locker rooms of the world. Stores, gyms, swimming pools, no place is too tough a target for voyeur hunters. I'll do almost anything to get you hard while the girls change clothes!


hidden locker cam You may have the feeling that you are right there with these girls, as the cameras are literally inches away from these oblivious girls. To be in a relaxed setting, feeing the firmness of your breasts or checking out the shape of your ass.. or even masturbating, but you have no idea that you are being watched... That is so hot!

Once again, there will be no crappy stuff.. You are only going to find handpicked content, because nothing beats the sexiness of peeking and peeping at girls in a natural setting, nothing does ;)